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Door Closer

Design Closer

The Universal Solution for Standard Doors

Simplex SDC25915 stylish classic design closer identified as multi-purpose door closer used on interior and exterior standard doors.

Compact stylish classic closer design with full stainless steel cover and flat form stainless steel arm which shows unique assembly. Anti-corrosion protection for external weather conditions. Provides a cushion effect when the door is forcible thrown open but does not serve as substitutes for a door stop.

It has all the characteristics of performance, durability and quality that specifiers have come to expect from a Simplex door control.

Standard Features

One model with adjustable closing force EN 2 to 5 successfully tested to BS EN 1154 Certified and hence valid to use on fire and smoke doors. Adjustable power enables the closing force to
be adjusted to conform to the DDA as detailed in BS8300 without comprising fire safety.

Non handed, Reversible, universal applications, compact design. Adjustable sweeping speed and latching speed. It is particularly quick and easy to install. High strength Extruded aluminum injected body hardened rack and pinion with leak proof seal.

Standard and Optional Functions


1 Adjustable closing speed in the range 180° – 15°.
2 Adjustable latching speed in the range 15° – 0°.
3 Hold-open range with hold-open arm model (optional extra).